Performance indicator:

Percentage of Programmed Park Space

Indicator description:

This indicator provides a measure of high-quality, programmed recreational space. The indicator identifies the percentage of designed parkland. Designed areas are parklands that have been created, constructed, planted, and managed for human recreation. They include playgrounds, neighborhood parks, sports fields, plazas, boulevards, municipal golf courses, municipal cemeteries, and areas served by roadways, parking lots, and service buildings. Natural areas are either pristine or reclaimed lands that are open to the public and left largely undisturbed and managed for their ecological value (i.e., wetlands, forests, deserts). While they may have trails and occasional benches, they are not developed for any recreation activities beyond walking, running, and cycling.

This indicator is associated with the following goals:

Note: Plan Houston's performance indicators are intended to inform the public and policy makers on the community's success at achieving Plan Houston's community goals. Identifying current performance is a first step; future steps could include tracking progress over time and establishing preferences on outcomes.