Planning Coordination Tool

Do you ever wonder what plans exist for your neighborhood? What plans should be considered when making improvements to your property? What plans cover the topics you are interested in, like affordable housing or transportation? The Planning Coordination Tool (PCT)( is an interactive web-based application that shows plans of various local, regional and state entities in one place. The entities that have participated include governmental agencies such as tax increment reinvestment zones and management districts, non-profit agencies with geographically bounded plans, transportation agencies and neighborhood organizations. Not all plans included are approved or supported by the City of Houston as some are developed by outside agencies. However, the PCT shows independent plans and objectives that are supported by each organization’s constituents. You can see the full list of plans here.

Search Plans

Plans are easily accessible with simple word search prompts. For additional maps, you can still access MyCity or inquire at the City of Houston’s Planning and Development Department.

We anticipate that the Planning Coordination Tool will be used by both technical staff and the general public. Greater transparency ensures that important data is shared among City departments and interested citizens.  This will lead to greater efficiency and can save the city money.