Why Houston Needs a General Plan

Most cities have a general plan or a comprehensive plan – a document that sets forth the city’s priorities and how to coordinate and ensure that a city grows according to those priorities and vision.  While I believe Houston has managed fairly well over the years, the dynamics of our city have changed. Our population is rapidly growing. We have challenges to address such as aging infrastructure and how to provide adequate services to everyone. The digital landscape is creating new opportunities but also new situations to handle. It’s time Houston joined the crowd and created a general plan. 

Like everything else, our plan should be a “Houston style” plan. A plan unique to our needs and ideas. The initial plan should be a starting place. We can build on it as our future unfolds. Houstonians should know where their city is headed and how we hope to get there. We may not always agree, but at least we can say we were part of the effort. I think Plan Houston is a good first step. Won’t you join with us and help us Plan Houston.