Why I Believe In Houston’s General Plan

Houston is a city of opportunity, innovation and industry as well as one of community and culture. Above all, it’s a city of growth. Over three and a half million people are set to call Houston home in the next 20 years and we have to create a strategy for how to best serve this growth.

Managing a city as large as Houston is always a matter of staying caught up. The faster we grow, the more we need to be ahead of the game. That’s why we need a general plan for Houston. There are so many good things happening in various city departments and area organizations—just think of what we can accomplish if we align our goals and organize the efforts we make. We can see a Houston 20 years from now, 30 years from now that thrives and that offers opportunity for everyone to prosper.

This general plan is a Houston plan. What works in New York or Chicago doesn’t necessarily work here, which is why we are building this plan from the ground up and focusing on the issues that matter most to Houstonians. That’s why we launched our unique effort known as Plan Houston.

If we can think far enough ahead in the future, there’s no limit to what we can do.

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