Foster an affordable city


A successful city should help provide access to quality housing for people of all income levels. Houston should sustain its historic affordability by encouraging mixed-income neighborhoods and enhancing access to quality affordable housing options.


  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive housing policy to support access to quality, well-maintained, and affordable housing.
  • Adopt housing policies that support underdeveloped communities while also encouraging housing opportunities in high-opportunity areas.
  • Ensure that affordable housing is connected to the community and its services. 
  • Provide options to make affordable, workforce and mixed-income housing development more attractive to private investment. 
  • Support opportunities to improve affordability of targeted services based on need. 
  • Provide incentives to replace affordable housing units lost through redevelopment and neglect.
  • Leverage external funds and incentives to build additional affordable housing. 
  • Encourage mixed-income communities. 
  • Work with external organizations to ensure permanent supportive housing is available for the homeless.
  • Ensure regulatory policies support housing affordability. 

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