Support our global economy


Houston’s economic success is increasingly reliant on the community’s ability to reach a global audience. The City should partner with the corporate sector to support Houston’s ability to compete for customers, businesses, and workers.  The City should also use its economic tools strategically to attract desired development and jobs.


  • Leverage Houston’s international diversity to attract businesses, investors and tourism.
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive economic development plan, including policies that identify both city-wide and localized strategies.
  • Support local and historically disadvantaged businesses.  
  • Support long-term economic durability by encouraging industry diversity. 
  • Improve and promote Houston’s quality of life to attract and retain talented and creative workers and businesses.
  • Strengthen efforts to identify and encourage emerging industries.
  • Develop, maintain, and implement a regional tourism plan.
  • Maintain a world-class airport network.
  • Develop and maintain state of the art convention and entertainment facilities.
  • Support initiatives that welcome newcomers and help them integrate into and succeed in the community.
  • Encourage programs that help job seekers connect with potential employers. 

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