Old Sixth Ward

Old Sixth Ward


The Old Sixth Ward, located just west of downtown Houston, maintains the feeling of a modest, self-contained 19th and early 20th century neighborhood. Many of the buildings still standing today were built between 1870 and 1900, with early 20th century bungalows, an historic school, corner stores, and some newer construction scattered throughout. Roughly bounded by Union Street on the north, Sabine Street on the east, State Street on the south, and Sawyer Street on the west, the Old Sixth Ward Historic District has the largest concentration of Victorian houses in Houston.

The neighborhood has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places since 1978. The Old Sixth Ward was designated as a City of Houston Historic District on December 23, 1997. A decade later, the neighborhood took further preservation measures and applied for designation as a Protected Historic District. In August 2007, Houston City Council designated the Old Sixth Ward as Houston’s first Protected Historic District. As part of this designation process, City Council adopted Design Guidelines for Old Sixth Ward Protected District.

These Design Guidelines promote the following goals and objectives:

The Old Sixth Ward Design Guidelines describe and define, both in narrative and illustrative form, the type of construction, alteration, and restoration that is considered appropriate for the District. Careful attention to the intent and content of these guidelines, with appropriate consultation and review by the Planning and Development Department staff and the HAHC, will assist in the granting of a Certificate of Appropriateness, and more importantly, in the preservation and enhancement of the Old Sixth Ward.

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