Plan a Project

Step 1: Determine the designation status of your property.

Step 2: Identify the scope of your project.

Review the list and determine which best describes your project.

Step 3: Contact the City of Houston Planning & Development Department

The earlier you begin a conversation about your property in your project planning, the better off it will be. Calling while you are still in the sketch-on-the-back-of-an-envelope stage is perfect. It’s essential that you talk to staff before you create construction drawings. The Houston Office of Preservation (HOP)staff can help you identify ways to streamline your application process, as well as ways to prevent pitfalls or delays. Contact the Houston Office of Preservation (HOP)Office: 832-393-6556 or

Step 4: Download the necessary Application Forms.

Prior to consulting with the Planning and Development staff, please download the application forms that are required for your type of project, which includes the general form and a project specific checklist. Download the PDF forms from the Planning and Development webpage.

Step 5: Apply for a COA

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