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Janitor's Protest at 5000 Westheimer

November 2, 2006 -- At approximately 1:30 today, November 2, 2006, police were called to the intersection of Post Oak and Westheimer regarding a disturbance involving many people. Upon arrival, police noticed that a protest was underway in the middle of the intersection and impeding traffic. The arriving patrol officers
attempted to disperse the crowd via their public address system, and some, but
not all, of the protesters removed themselves from the roadway. The remaining
protesters were handcuffed to trash cans with duct tape over many of the cuffs.

The Special Operations Division was requested to scene along with HFD and additional units to re-direct traffic and prevent other protesters from joining those already in the street. The remaining protesters were given a second warning to disperse or risk being arrested for a Class B misdemeanor - Obstructing a pathway via a bullhorn. A third and final warning was given to each individual protester that they would be arrested if they did not voluntary comply with the order to vacate the street.

Those protesters who refused to comply with the orders or heed the warnings given were arrested for the Class B misdemeanor. Approximately twelve individuals were arrested, searched, and taken to jail. Within two hours of first being notified of the disturbance, police were able to protect the protestors in the middle of the street, converse with the DA's office on charges to be filed, physically separate the protesters from their cans, arrest them, and return the flow of traffic to its normal operation before rush hour.

DWR 11-02-06

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division a 713-308-3200.