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9 Suspects Arrested In Robbery Spree

November 6, 2006 -- After four months of investigation, investigators from the Houston Police Robbery Division, assigned to the Multi-Agency Violent Gang Crime Initiative, made nine arrests in connection with 22 robbery cases that occurred between June and October of 2006. The robberies occurred in the Heights, 5th Ward, 2nd Ward, and on the Near-Northside and East end areas.

The suspects would enter the bars and take money and jewelry from the people inside. The suspects were masked during the incidents and they would order the victims to lie down on the floor during the robberies. Investigators were able to recover some of the stolen jewelry pawned by the suspects.

All the suspects gave statements regarding their involvement in the robberies. Five suspects arrested were adults along with four juveniles. The charges are as follows:

Pedro Vargas (H/m, DOB: 1-15-88), and Cesar Vargas (H/m, DOB: 9-13-86) are both charged two counts of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon in the 351st State District Court. Their mother, Marsela Vargas (H/f, DOB: 6-17-69), was charged with theft. Eugenio James Lopez (H/m, DOB: 10-07-80), Jesus Bernabe (H/m, DOB: 8-6-89) and four other juveniles (two women ages 13 and 16 and two males age 15) were also charged with two counts of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon in the 351st State District Court.

The locations were the incidents occurred are as follows:

06/04/05 1206 20th
06/10/06 1206 20th
06/11/06 6820 Irvington
06/20/06 6714 N. Main
06/21/06 2621 Link Rd.
06/24/06 2206 Telephone Rd.
06/25/06 55 Berry Rd.
06/26/06 2020 Studewood
07/06/06 2805 Navigation
07/07/06 8505 Jensen
07/10/06 3618 Harrisburg
07/11/06 9020 Jensen
09/09/06 116 79th St.
09/19/06 7445 Park Place
09/25/06 7823 Irvington
09/22/06 6002 Lyons
09/25/06 1404 Lorraine
09/25/06 2708 N. Shepherd
09/28/06 4003 N. Main
09/28/06 5546 Lawndale
10/01/06 6621 N. Main
10/04/06 1912 Hardy

Anyone that might have been victimized by these individuals is urged to contact the HPD Robbery Division at 713-308-0700.

JGA/NJM 11-6-06

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division a 713-308-3200.