Housing and Community Development Department

Disaster Recovery Home Repair Program

Home Repair Program (Round 2)

The application process is closed for home repair assistance through the City of Houston's Disaster Recovery Round 2 program. All eligible applicants have been selected and notified.

The Disaster Recovery Round 2 Home Repair program is new and completely different than the program offered before. Some of the notable differences are as follows:

  • Assistance is being provided in targeted areas called Community Revitalization Areas (CRAs) and CRA Outreach Areas, instead of scattered throughout the City.
  • There is no wait list. Eligible applicants have already been selected.
  • Priority was given to seniors and those with special needs who were deemed to be very low income.



This is only a small percentage of homeowners who submitted applications. Unfortunately, the need outweighs the resources available. See the links below for the Public Notice of program funding and the planning study that identified the target areas.

As a part of the Disaster Recovery Round 2 program, the design team, led by bcWORKSHOP and supported by Gulf Coast Community Design Studio, Unabridged Architecture, and the University of Houston Community Design Resource Center, worked to deliver single-family home designs. These designs, with some modifications, are being used in constructing homes across the six CRA and Outreach Areas. For more information, visit www.dr2homedesign.org.

Home Repair Program (Round 1) -- Closed
The Disaster Recovery Round 1 Home Repair Program is now closed funding has been exhausted.

Based on the amount of funds available, the City was able to assist 242 of approximately 2,300 homeowners who requested assistance after the hurricane(s). Homeowners were assisted on a “first come, first serve” basis determined by the initial call-in date for assistance. Each homeowner, and their respective property, had to undergo a thorough and lengthy state-required eligibility evaluation process. Of the applications evaluated, only 20-25% were qualified and were deemed eligible per the program’s guidelines.

The City was not allowed to use the Round 1 applicant list for Round 2. Per the State, the Disaster Recovery Round 2 is a new and completely different program, and a new application process was required.