Audit Division

Report Fraud, Waste and / Or Abuse

The Office of the City Controller is committed to eliminating fraud, waste and abuse in City government, therefore helping save tax payer dollars. This website is designed for reporting fraud, waste, and abuse cases allegedly committed by city employees or officials, citizens, or business entities against the City of Houston.

  • Money to Burn GraphicFRAUD
    Fraud is commonly defined as a type of illegal act involving the obtaining of something of value through willful misrepresentation. (1)

    Waste is commonly referred to as mismanagement, inappropriate actions and/or inadequate safeguarding of resources.

    Abuse is commonly referred to as the intentional misuse or improper use of government resources.

In order for our office to better assist you on your reporting needs; please answer the following questions below:

1. Does the activity you are reporting involve a city employee, public officials of municipal government and/or city assets or resources?


(1) Fraud -- United States Government Accountability Office (GAO), Government Auditing Standards, 2011 Revisions