Housing and Community Development Department

Home Repair Programs

The Housing and Community Development Department provides home repair assistance through two programs: (1) Minor Critical Emergency Home Repair Program, and (2) the Disaster Recovery Home Repair Program. These programs are designed for the benefit and service of low- to moderate-income homeowners who are either elderly and/or disabled. Each program has separate eligibility requirements which homeowners must meet to qualify for assistance. Please note, the programs are designed to only address “habitability” repairs needed to alleviate threats to the health, life, and/or safety of the homeowner.

Home Repair Program 

The Home Repair Program is a collaborative effort by The Housing and Community Development Department and Rebuilding Together Houston which assists elderly or disabled households with incomes below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI). The program provides vital roofing, plumbing, electrical and heating repairs or system replacement to alleviate life, health or safety hazards. Additional enhancements such as scraping, painting, caulking and repairs to exterior sidings, doors, windows and handrails may be made if deemed impactful to habitability.

For more information regarding the Home Repair Program, contact the Housing and Community Development Department Call Center at: 832.394.6200. We are currently accepting applications.

Disaster Recovery Home Repair Program

We are excited about the great work our department is doing throughout Houston and are proud of the services we offer. We are nearing the completion of Round 2 of our Disaster Recovery Program, and we will have repaired or rebuilt over 275 single-family homes and 1,088 multifamily housing units by the end of the program. We are no longer accepting new applications for the Disaster Recovery Home Repair Program, and there are no waiting lists.

Home Repair Program Annual Qualification Packet

General Contractors: Please click on the link below to access the Home Repair Program Annual Qualification Packet.

Please submit original documents to:

City of Houston Housing and
Community Development Department
Attn: Clarence Moton
601 Sawyer, Suite 400
Houston, Texas 77007

To register as a vendor with the City of Houston visit: purchasing.houstontx.gov/guide.html


Additional Assistance

We recognize that, unfortunately, there are still citizens in need of assistance and resources are limited. Should you need immediate assistance, please consider the following agencies:

Harris County Community Services
Attention: Home Repair

Sheltering Arms

Houston Habitat for Humanity

Houston Habitat for Humanity ReStore