Land Assemblage Redevelopment Authority (LARA)


The Land Assemblage Redevelopment Authority (LARA) is a 13-member board appointed by the Mayor, City Council, Harris County and the Houston Independent School District. The LARA Authority is organized for the purpose of aiding, assisting and acting on behalf of the City in the performance of its governmental functions to promote the common good and general welfare of the City and in undertaking and completing one or more projects, as may be defined or determined by the City Council of the City.



In particular, such projects shall include, without limitation, the acquisition, assemblage, management, marketing, development and disposition of properties that have been acquired by taxing authorities through foreclosure of delinquent ad valorem taxes, including the redevelopment of such properties.



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Solicitation of Offers for Affordable Housing Development


The Land Assemblage Redevelopment Authority ("LARA"), with the support of the City of Houston, has acquired certain tax delinquent properties to be developed as truly affordable home ownership units. LARA and the City, through the “Houston Hope” initiative, offer the Solicitation of Offers for Affordable Housing Development presented below.


The “Houston Hope” neighborhood revitalization effort will be accomplished through qualified non-profit and for-profit builders. Community Development Corporations (CDCs) may participate as builders, if qualified, or may assist LARA in support of housing development and neighborhood revitalization activities such as marketing, credit counseling, and program promotion.


Down payment assistance under the City's Homebuyer Assistance Program may be made available to qualified home buyers to bring monthly payments down to a level where many working families now renting can instead build equity in their homes.


To acquire LARA lots and participate in this program, qualified builders must complete and submit the following for consideration:


  • A fully signed copy of the Contract (accompanied by the proposed house plans and drawings)
  • Builder Qualifications Statement
  • Requested Parcel List for Acquisition
  • Builder House Construction Specifications Document
  • Bid Cost Performa Document Worksheet


The contract and other documents listed above are available on line (below) and can be submitted electronically.


Please sign and also submit house plans and drawings under either of the two listed below:









Contact LARA


Contact: Stephen Tinnermon
P.O. Box 1562
Houston, TX 77251
PHONE: 713.865.4243


Contact: Chris Butler
P.O. Box 1562
Houston, TX 77251
PHONE: 713.865.4243


Weed Cutting Services


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Board Members, Minutes, More


  Current Board Members
David Collins (Chair), Antoinette Jackson (2nd Vice Chair), Jeremy Ratcliff (2nd Vice President), Steve Hall (Secretary), John W. Bowie, James Harrison III, Stephan Fairfield, Curtis Lampley, Vincent Marquez, LaTricia Williams, Nicholas Hall, Reshard Alexander, Faith Jackson
  Meeting Minutes

2014 -- January (no board meeting)

2013 -- December | October | September | August | May | February | no board meeting in January, March, April, June, July, November

2012 -- December | October | August | June | March | no board meetings Jan, Feb, April, May, July, September, November

2011 -- December | October | July | June | April | January | no board meetings Feb, March, May, Aug, Sept, Nov

2010 -- July | June | April | March | no board meetings Aug, Oct, Nov, Dec

2009 -- December | October | July | May | April | March | February | January

2008 -- September | August | July | May | April | March | February | January

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  Houston Hope Boundary Maps (.pdf)

All Areas (For printing 36" x 44") | Acres Home 1 - 5 | Clinton Park | Denver Harbor | Fifth Ward 1 - 6 | Independence Heights 1 - 2 | Near Northside 1 - 6 | Settegast 1 - 2 | Sunnyside 1 - 4 | Trinity / Houston Gardens 1 - 3

NOTE: Boundaries are subject to change without notice

  Houston Hope Demographics (.pdf)



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