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Historic Landmarks and Protected Landmarks

Archive of City of Houston Landmarks, Protected Landmarks, and Archaeological Sites

The table below is an archive of the properties which have been designated or are pending designation by City Council as being a Landmark(LM), Protected Landmark(PLM), or Archaeological Site(AS).

The “Pending” properties are also subject to the Historic Preservation Ordinance during the designation process.

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  • The table is a work-in-progress and is incomplete at this time. To find out if a specific property is designated as a Landmark, Protected Landmark, or Archaeological Site, please contact the Historic Preservation Office at 713-837-7963 or

  • Information on historic district boundaries can be found in Historic Preservation Web Manual, Historic District section.

Landmarks(LM) -- Protected Landmarks(PLM) -- Archaeological Sites(AS)

Landmark Name Street No. Street Name Designation Date LM PLM AS Photos
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Other individually listed historic sites for the State of Texas and individually listed sites and historic district designations of the National Register of Historic Places can be found at the Texas Historical Commission web site at: