Lower Westheimer Corridor Study

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the purpose and scope of the study?
A. It is to produce a pre-engineering report that identifies potential projects that will compete with other candidates for future capital improvement funding.

Q. What is the process of the study?
A. The enhanced Pre-Engineering Process is applied to unique streets that merit an enhanced level of design sensitivity due to their historic, cultural, or community significance. It includes an enhanced public engagement effort.

Q. What is a pre-engineering study?
A. PWE’s infrastructure planning process separates need and project identification, focusing first on identifying areas with a need for infrastructure improvements. Areas of need are prioritized based on objective criteria. Areas at the top of the list become candidate needs and are passed into the solution development step. Pre-engineering identifies and develops candidate projects for ranking and potential inclusion in future CIP projects.

Q. What portion of the Corridor is currently in the CIP?
A. Westheimer/Elgin between Montrose and Main is in the 2017-2021 CIP for design in FY 2017, and possible future construction in FY 2020 (CIP No. N-100034).

Q. How will PWE use the outcome to get the existing CIP project into final design?
A. Using the outcomes of the Lower Westheimer Corridor Study, PWE provides design guidance to the design team through the Pre-Engineering Report. The design concepts are then implemented when and if the segment is funded in a capital improvement project.

Q. How can I participate?
A. Attend one or more of three public meetings. Submit comments by email or online.

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