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Crime Statistics for 7C40's Beat

Beat 7c40
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Beat Description and Boundary:

The boundary begins at the intersection of the MPRR railroad and Halls Bayou and encompasses the newly annexed strip of land between the railroad and the Houston City Limits along Hardy Street. This area runs from Halls Bayou to Cromwell. At Cromwell, the city limits turn east along Cromwell to the east side of Melrose park. The city limits turn south and east around the park. The beat follows the MPRR railroad tracks on the west, but follows the city limits around the Park on the east. From the south boundary of Melrose Park, the beat boundary continues to encompass a narrow strip of land from the railroad tracks on the west side of the Park and the city limits that run along Hardy on the east. At East Little York, the boundary turns east along the north lot lines of East Little York. East Little York runs through the Houston Suburban Gardens Subdivision. The city limits run along the north of this subdivision, and the beat boundary follows the city limits. At Aldine Westfield, the beat boundary follows the city limits southeast to East Little York and turns east along the south side of East Little York to Halls Bayou. The beat boundary continues to follow the city limits as they turn north on Halls Bayou to the north lot lines of Sagebrush. They turn east along the north lot lines of Sagebrush to Bently. It turns south on Bently to East Little York. They turn east on Little York. They turn east on East Little York to the west side of the Eastex Freeway. They go south along the freeway to Langley. They go east on Langley to the SPRR railroad. The beat boundary turns south along the SPRR to the north lot lines of Wyte. It goes west along the north lot lines of Wyte to the east lot lines of Pettibone. It continues north along the east lot lines of Pettibone to the southern lot lines of Kinkaid. Then it goes west along the southern lot lines of Kinkaid to the east service road of the Eastex Freeway. It goes north along the service road to Halls Bayou. It follows the Bayou west to the west lot lines of Jensen Drive. It follows Jensen Drive to Parker and follows the south lot lines of Parker west to the MPRR. It turns north along the MPRR that runs north along East Hardy and goes to East Little York. It turns east to Aldine-Westfield, turns north on Aldine-Westfield to the south lot line of Lone Oak, and goes west along the lot lines to the MPRR railroad on the west side of East Hardy. It goes north on the MPRR to the intersection of the MPRR and Halls Bayou, which is where it beings.

In addition, Aldine-Westfield from East Little York to Greens Bayou is the responsibility of the City of Houston, even though the areas on both sides are in Harris County. Keith-Weiss Park is also part of the City of Houston. Beat 7C40 has responsibility for Aldine-Westfield from East Little York to Greens Bayou, and Keith-Weiss Park.

Landmarks and Neighborhoods Within This Beat:

Keith-Weiss Park, Farrington Place

ZIP Codes Within This Beat (see note below on ZIP codes and beats):


Crime Statistics For This Beat:














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  • PLEASE NOTE: In accordance with the national shift in crime data collection and reporting methods, the Houston Police Department is currently transitioning from UCR to NIBRS ahead of the FBI’s 2021 deadline. The publication of summary crime data and departmental reports has been delayed due to this transition. Crime data for June 2018 and the months following will be provided as soon as the department is granted state certification under the NIBRS data collection method.