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The Juvenile Division is responsible for processing arrested juveniles and investigating crimes in which juveniles are suspected of being the perpetrator. It is also responsible for the investigation of juvenile runaways, cases involving physical and/or sexual abuse of a child, cases of serious child neglect, and missing person cases, both adult and juvenile. Additionally, the Juvenile Division registers juvenile sex offenders and adult sex offenders whose victims are juveniles. The division is organized into the following units.

Intake Unit
This unit is responsible for intake prisoner processing, prisoner transport, assisting walkin complainants, and taking missing person/missing juvenile reports. There are three intake units, one assigned to each shift, so that this function operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Juvenile Offenders Squad
This squad is responsible for follow-up investigations of offenses committed by juvenile suspects. Investigations conducted by officers of this squad typically involve property crimes.

Missing Persons Squad
The Missing Persons Squad maintains and investigates all reports of missing persons of all ages. While this squad works the day shift, reports are taken 24 hours a day and squad members are subject to call-up, as needed, to coordinate investigations and search efforts. Additionally, this squad investigates criminal cases of custodial interference and related offenses as outlined in the Texas Penal Code. This squad does not intervene in disputes arising over visitation or other disagreements more appropriately addressed in civil court.

Physical Abuse Squad
Two squads investigate child injury cases that occur in caretaker situations (e.g., family or institutional settings). These squads are also divided geographically into North and South squads. Squad members are subject to call-up, as needed, to coordinate investigations.

Sex Offender Registration / Compliance Squad
This squad is responsible for the registration and updating of files for all sex offenders. This includes photographing and fingerprinting sex offenders, providing accessibility to registrant status information to the public, and the notification of local schools. Officers also perform compliance checks of registrants.

The Houston Police Department is the registering authority for sex offenders residing in the City of Houston. Sex Offenders statutorily required to register should contact the Sex Offender Registration Unit for an appointment at 713-731-5452. Registrations are conducted Monday through Thursday, 7am 3pm (excluding holidays).

To see if someone is a registered sex offender in your community: Click Here

Sex Offender Registration / Compliance Squad
Hours of Operation: 7 AM to 3 PM (excluding holidays)  
Sex Offender Registration and Compliance Unit
8300 Mykawa Rd. Suite 1108
Houston, Texas  77048

Sex Crimes Unit
Six sex crimes squads investigate sexual assaults, indecency, child pornography, and other similar cases involving juveniles as either complainants or suspects. Three squads are located in the Children’s Assessment Center, 2500 Bolsover. Two of the squads handle sex crimes cases involving family members and the third handles intake and coordination with CPS. The other three squads are located at the Juvenile Division, 8300 Mykawa Road, and handle all other sex crimes cases. Two of these squads are divided geographically into North and South Squads, and the third squad is the Sexual Exploitation Task Force.

Investigators assigned to the Sexual Exploitation Task Force investigate the sexual exploitation and solicitation of children via the internet and other technologies. Squad members are subject to call-ups as needed to coordinate investigations. The Juvenile Sex Crimes Unit serves as the lead agency for the Federal Internet Crimes Against Children Grant and the Office of the Governor’s Criminal Justice Division for the Internet Crimes against Children Task Force: Houston-Metro, Texas-Legislative Funding – Personnel Grant. Both grants are used to fund personnel, equipment, and training for the Houston-Metro ICAC task force made up of approximately 46 agencies operating in the eight county region.

Support Services Unit
This unit is responsible for managing and maintaining divisional resources that include, but are not limited to, vehicles, computers, training, and the budget. This squad also handles routine administrative duties (e.g. property disposition forms, record expunctions), as well as special projects.