Strategic Procurement Division

About the Chief Procurement Officer

Jedediah GreenfieldJedediah Greenfield has served the City since 2006, prior to coming to the Strategic Procurement Division “SPD,” Jed served in the City’s Mayor’s Office, Fleet Management Department and Houston Public Works. As the Chief Procurement Officer, Jed directs the central procurement operations for the City of Houston. Responsibilities include leading day-to-day activities across all City departments for direct and indirect sourcing and procurement activities. Key activities include - acceleration and implementation of best-in-class procurement capabilities and organizational development efforts - transforming procurement to a strategic organization focused on optimizing the entire procurement process to meet City strategic and operation objectives. Transparency, fairness, and openness are top priorities for Chief Greenfield and SPD, with significant importance on a continued working relationship with the City’s Office of Business Opportunities to ensure equitable representation among small, minority and woman owned businesses in City contracts.

“I am privileged to work with such talented, professional team members, to effectively do our part in assisting client departments in meeting their missions to provide vital services to the people of the City, and create opportunities for businesses to participate,” Greenfield has said.  

Jed received his Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Houston and has an undergraduate degree in political science and history from Weber State University. Jed has prioritized involvement in professional organizations as an important factor in having a best-in-class team. As such, Jed served two-terms as President of the Southeast Texas Association of Public Purchasing (an NIGP local chapter), and currently serves as a National Ambassador for NIGP (Institute of Government Procurement) and Chairperson for Strategic Partnerships for the Texas Public Purchasing Association.