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Mayor's Hispanic Advisory Board

Please join the mayor and his Hispanic Advisory Board as we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month in Houston. The Hispanic Heritage Awards Reception ceremony honoring outstanding Hispanic community leaders will be held be held in October 2023. The date and location will be announced at the beginning of September.

Sponsor Levels:

AMIGO $100







The Hispanic Advisory Board exists to serve as a liaison between the Hispanic community and the Mayor.  The Board will provide viable recommendations on policies that will advance the social, economic, and political issues of all Hispanics and citizens in the City of Houston.

Chairs of the Hispanic Advisory Board
Roland Garcia, Co-Chair
Lenora Sorola-Pohlman, Co-Chair


  • Appointments Subcommittee:  Sofia Adrogue and Rose Salas, Co-Chairs - Identify and recruit a diverse pool of talented Hispanics from our community to recommend to the Mayor to serve on Boards and Commissions of the City of Houston.  Members:  Belinda Castro, Lenora Sorola-Pohlman, Gilda Ramirez, Dr. Gabriela Sosa
  • Education Subcommittee: Kathleen Martinez, David Medina and Susie Molina, Co-Chairs - Advise the Mayor on education and training issues facing the Hispanic community, including messaging on medical emergencies and available assistance and addressing disparate medical outcomes, and compile, analyze and report on survey data on attitudes and issues of concern to the Hispanic community in Houston, and work on historical archives.  Members: Yolanda Alvarado, Gilda Ramirez, Keila Lopez, Marcie Mir, Marie Arcos, Becky Reyes, Helen Cavazos, Dr. Juan Sorto.
  • Economic Development Subcommittee:  Michael Trevino and Becky Reyes, Co-Chair - Advise the Mayor on job creation, including diversity, equity and inclusion in the workforce, and economic development, finance issues, access to capital, and small business promotion with a focus on the Hispanic community in Houston.  Also, assist the Mayor with collaboration with City, County, Regional, National and International individuals and organizations to welcome all people to Houston with a particular focus on the Hispanic community.  Members: Epi Salazar, David Solis, Laura Murillo, Frances Castaneda Dyess, Estefania Ayala, Kathleen Martinez, Daniel Rodriguez, Hector Pena, Susie Molina
  • Events Subcommittee:  Tim Martinez and Lauren Soliz, Co-Chairs - Assist the Mayor on identifying planning, production and execution of events, promotions, including Hispanic Heritage Month and Awards and Citizenship Week and other events.  Members:  David Solis, Lenora Sorola-Pohlman, Roland Garcia, Gilda Ramirez, Yolanda Alvarado, Rose Salas, Susie Molina, Tim Martinez, Tony Diaz, Cynthia Rivera, Victoria Lara, Daniel Rodriguez, Hector Pena.
  • Civic Engagement and Promotions Subcommittee: Marie Arcos, Belinda Castro, Co-Chairs – Assist the Mayor in engaging the Hispanic community by fostering a vibrant local culture that involves stakeholders, town hall meetings, job fairs, promotes civic engagement, and communicates concerns that affect the community, and that recognizes and celebrates the heritage and contributions of the Hispanic community.  Members:  Grace Olivares, Cynthia Cisneros, Helen Cavazos, Frances Castaneda Dyess, Ximena Magana, Daniel Rodriguez.
  • Arts Subcommittee:   Tony Diaz and David Medina, Co-Chairs.  Advise the Mayor on arts issues facing the Latino community, and compile, analyze and report on survey data and attitudes of concern to the Latino arts community in general. Allocate resources to promote Latino arts for the benefit of Houston. Advocate for Latino Arts in Houston, including the creation and support of a Hispanic Cultural Arts and Archive Center.  Members: Sofia Adrogué, Helen Cavazos, Cynthia Rivera, Ximena Magana

Mayor’s Hispanic Heritage Awards and Hispanic Heritage Month Kick Off

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Kickoff Press Conference

Kickoff Press Conference

Holiday Reception Photo 1

Holiday Reception 1

Holiday Reception Photo 2

Holiday Reception 2

Award Recipients Photo 1

Award Recipients 1

Award Recipients Photo 2

Award Recipients 2