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The Mayor's Office of Education and Youth Engagement aims to create a city-wide clearinghouse of quality low-cost/no cost resources. The office also coordinates resources, serving as a connector for children, families, and communities in the education space. Please click one of the links below to access programs, opportunities, resources, or services in each of the below categories.

It is important for youth to know how to raise their voices. The Mayor's Office of Education and Youth Engagement conducts a youth advocacy training series which seeks to empower youth to advocate for the issues they care about and give them the tools to take action and create change in their communities.

College and career preparation is a lifetime goal that starts with parents and infants. Houston has great resources to help you begin the path to college.

Resources to help students improve their literacy skills.

Variety of advice, ideas, and activities that parents can do with their children from cradle to career to help them thrive.

Technology that students of all ages can use to learn, stay organized, check out free books, connect to universities, and take free classes, anywhere and anytime.

There are many free adult education programs all over Houston to help you continue your education, learn more about your finances, or get the job you are searching for.

Resources for international residents to help them succeed and feel at home.

Resources for citizens with disabilities to help them thrive and succeed.

Resources for justice-involved youth to help them thrive and succeed.

  • Houston Health Department - Helps those who were previously incarcerated with a network of resources in close proximity
  • Goodwill Houston - Helps serve those who were previously incarcerated with employment services and reconnect with their communities through community service and educational opportunities

Environmental programs to help young people become active participants in protecting our Earth.

  • Student Conservation Association - Aims to build the next generation of conservation leaders and environmental stewards by getting local Houston youth out into their community and the outdoors through volunteer and paid service opportunities
  • Citizens' Environmental Coalition - A weekly newsletter featuring a comprehensive report of all nature events, jobs, trainings, and more in the Houston/Gulf Coast area
  • Houston Wilderness - Offers a Wilderness Passport (available in both English and Spanish) to encourage people to visit natural spaces like state parks, wildlife refuges, museums, arboretums, and nature centers
  • Artist Boat - Provides inspiration and education through unique coastal experiences

Houston has great resources to help you get started down the path to college.

College scholarship information:

The Childhood and Youth Committee reviews issues related to the quality of life of children and our youth, primarily focusing on ages 0-24. The goals of the committee include:

  • Increase public awareness and dialog about the connection between the quality of life of a child and the economic consequences of what kind of person that child will grow up to be.
  • Focus on data and well-being indicators as tools for policy development, planning and accountability.
  • Seek equity in workforce readiness, beginning at birth.
  • Within their ability, City departments will support opportunities to strengthen and enhance the web of relationships between children and their families, schools, organizations and community at large.

Additional information on the Childhood and Youth Committee, including information regarding agendas, meeting schedules, and presentation can be found by clicking here.

Make Houston your school without walls. Find free, fun, and educational activities here!

Resources to support critical issues of students.

Helpful resources to fuel exploration and planning with your child.

  • Kids Work! - Virtual community of workplaces designed to give students an interactive job exploration experience
  • Kids' Zone: Learning with NCES - Provides information to help students learn about schools; decide on a college; and engage in games and quizzes about math
  • NASA Kids' Club - Interactive website specifically for K-4 that allows students to play and learn
    • NASA STEM Engagement - Information for the different kinds of opportunities with NASA for students and educators
  • Texas Reality Check - Shows how much your living expenses will cost and the amount of money you will need to earn to pay for them
  • Houston Service - Search engine for volunteering opportunities
  • Workforce Solutions - Offer career planning guidance, tips and advice for improving your job search, training and education opportunities, financial aid for training, and assistance to help you look for work and go to work
  • Tips for Writing a Teen Resume - Short video with tips for high school students
  • Career One Stop - Designed to help students with all aspects of choosing the best career, finding jobs, and self-assessment
  • Virtual Student Federal Service - Part-time, virtual internships with flexible schedules
  • Houston Food Bank: Nutrition Education - Classes in nutrition, food safety, meal preparation and budgeting


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