Housing and Community Development Department

Multifamily Housing Communities

The Multifamily Section funds the acquisition of existing and new construction developments that range from housing for persons with special needs to housing for low-income households. The developments may be funded through a combination of programs that include low interest loans (including tax-exempt bond financing), grants and tax incentives.

Current Projects

The properties on the following list are privately owned, but are required to set aside a certain number of units to be affordable for lower income persons and families. However, this is not a guarantee that units will be available at a given time. To find out if they have any available units, call the property directly. When you contact them, be prepared to report all of your family income and ask if they have any units available for that income group. They will let you know if they can assist you.

To view or download a complete list click here: List of Assisted Multifamily Properties (.pdf, updated 09.13.18)

Housing and Community Development 2018 Multifamily Priorities

This document outlines HCDD’s priorities when the City is requested to provide resolutions of support and no oppositions of Housing Tax Credit applications. The document also defines HCDD’s requirements to provide financing for multifamily affordable housing developments. The 2018 priorities have been presented to the mayor, city council and the members of the public.

We welcome your feedback as we update these priorities every year.

Have questions or comments about multifamily projects? Contact us at hcddmultifamily@houstontx.gov

Multifamily Developer Resources: for more information on tax credits, regulations and RFPs for multifamily developers, visit our Multifamily Development / Developers Resources page.