Sustain quality infrastructure


Houston maintains vast infrastructure systems, including miles of streets, sidewalks, and utilities, as well as other facilities. These systems help move people and goods, enhance safety, and support the economy.  Keeping these systems in good working order requires coordination, planning, and ongoing investment.


  • Coordinate with partner agencies to plan for infrastructure needs in a comprehensive manner.
  • Adequately maintain existing infrastructure to reduce capital replacement expenditures.
  • Seek means to accelerate infrastructure repair and reconstruction. 
  • Provide efficient, cost-effective infrastructure.
  • Coordinate with partners to improve drainage.
  • Ensure that infrastructure accommodates growth and meets the community’s changing needs.
  • Encourage development of green infrastructure and low impact development.
  • Align infrastructure investment with neighborhood needs. 
  • Use infrastructure improvements strategically to enhance economic development. 
  • Minimize risk of damages resulting from catastrophic events. 

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