Demographic Descriptions

The Census Bureau publishes Demographic, Social-Economic and Housing Characteristics by Race and Ethnic Origin. These characteristics are defined as the following:

One Race

  • American Indian and Alaska Native (Alone)
  • Asian (Alone) note: Asian also includes “American Indian and Alaska Native” as well as “Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander” categories.
  • Black or African American (Alone)
  • White (Alone)
  • Other race (Alone) note: Others also include “Two to More Races” category.

Two or More Races

  • Hispanic or Latino (Hispanic is not a race; its an ethnic group)
  • Hispanic or Latino
  • Non-Hispanic White
  • Non-Hispanic Black or African American
  • Non-Hispanic American Indian and Alaska Native
  • Non-Hispanic Asian
  • Non-Hispanic Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander
  • Non-Hispanic Some Other race
  • Two or More races
  • Other

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