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All convenience stores located in the City of Houston are required to register online with the Houston Police Department. This will facilitate greater positive interaction between the Houston Police Department and the convenience store community and to improve data tracking concerning crimes around convenience stores. Once a convenience store has successfully registered, the store will be provided with a security packet that will include an internet link to security training so that storeowners can provide training to their employees. Storeowners will also be provided with a decal to be displayed at the entrance to the business and a registration certificate. To request information or to have questions answered call 713.308.1850 during business hours. New Registration or Update information on a store that is already registered can be made through the links below.

Key components of the Convenience Store Ordinance

The Municipal Ordinance includes, but is not limited to:

  • 1.) (sec. 28-402) Registration of Convenience Store
    All convenience stores located in the City of Houston are required by ordinance to register with the Houston police Department.

  • 2.) (sec. 28-403) Employee, Manager, and Supervisor training
    All employees, managers, and supervisors are required to view the Training Video provided by the Police Department. The packet that all stores will receive once they register, contains the internet link to the video. (Link to page with safety training videos) (Download Training Log)

  • 3.) (sec. 28-404) Trespass Affidavit
    All Convenience Stores must have a Trespass Affidavit on file with the Houston Police Department. You can submit the original Notarized Trespass Affidavit form and Complainant Data Sheet to your nearest storefront or substation for filing. A copy of the affidavit only must be posted at the Convenience Store in a place always accessible to public view. You may call the Convenience Store Registration Unit if you have any questions concerning Trespass Affidavit. (Click here for Substations and Store Front locations). (Click here to download Trespass Affidavit and Complainant Data Sheet).

  • 4.) (sec. 28-405) Security Signs and Height Strip
    All Convenience Stores must have “No Loitering” and “No Trespassing” signs in at least two inch lettering or larger, in English and Spanish, posted on the front, sides, and rear of the store. Convenience Stores must also have height strips posted at all public exits.

  • 5.) (sec. 28-406) Unobstructed Visibility
    All Convenience Stores shall maintain an unobstructed line of sight allowing a clear view of and from the cash register and sales area. Windows and doors must be clear of all items that would obstruct a clear view from three feet above the ground to at least six feet above the ground.

  • 6.) (sec. 28-407) Alarm System
    All Convenience Stores must have a Silent Panic or Hold-up Alarm System with a valid alarm permit. The Alarm must have at least one panic button hidden from the view of the customers, but within reach of the cash register. All Convenience Stores must have signs or decals posted at entrances and exits indication that such a system is in use. (Link to Alarm Permits)

  • 7.) (sec. 28-408) Drop Safe
    All Convenience Stores shall have a drop safe on the premises bolted to the floor. A convenience store shall have a cash accountability policy and shall have signs posted stating that employees cannot open the safe and that the employees have minimum cash on hand.

  • 8.) (sec. 28-409) Surveillance Camera System
    A convenience store shall have a minimum of two surveillance cameras which are color, digital, and high-resolution. One camera viewing the counter/register area and the other camera viewing the main entrance/exit area with date and time the recording. The entrance/exit area camera shall be placed to provide a clear and identifiable full frame of an individual's face. The cameras shall be operated at all times. A library shall be kept of the recordings for not less than 30 days. Signs must be posted at all public doorways indicating that surveillance cameras are in use.

  • 9) sec. 28-672. - Camera required
    A business subject to the requirements of this article shall have digital high-resolution surveillance cameras sufficient to provide an overall view from the exterior of the building to the property line and each camera shall be placed in consultation with HPD. Each camera shall display the date and time of the recording. The camera must be capable of providing a digital image with a minimum resolution of two megapixels, a minimum aspect ratio of 1920 horizontal pixels by 1080 vertical pixels, and a minimum frame rate of 30 frames per second. The camera shall have Wide Dynamic Range capabilities. The camera shall be capable of exporting video footage in a non-proprietary MPEG-4 format. Each camera shall be maintained in proper working order at all times. Each camera shall be operating at all times, including hours when the facility is not open for business. The owner shall, within 72 hours of a request, provide digital color video footage in connection with crime investigations to the police department. The owner or operator shall maintain a library of the recorded digital footage for not less than 30 days. A business subject to the requirements of this article shall have posted at all public exits and entrances signs or decals indicating that surveillance cameras are in use.


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