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Crime Statistics for 11H40's Beat

Beat 11h40
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Beat Description and Boundary:

The boundary begins at the intersection of Sims Bayou and the Port Authority limits and goes east to the Houston City Limits along the Light Company Road. It follows the city limits south to Lawndale and follows the city limits as they run west along Lawndale. It then turns south and follows the city limits along Scarborough. At the intersection of Scarborough and Southmore, the boundary follows the city limits boundary west along Southmore to Allen Genoa Road. It follows the city limits southeast along Allen Genoa Road to the intersection with Allendale. The boundary follows Allendale west along the southern lot lines to Berry Creek. The addresses on both sides of Allendale will be the responsibility of 11H40. The boundary then goes along the middle of Berry Creek to the MKT railroad that runs parallel to Old Galveston Road. It goes northwest along the MKT railroad to Sims Bayou. The boundary then winds through the middle of Sims Bayou to the Port Authority limits.

Landmarks and Neighborhoods Within This Beat:

Allendale, Oak Meadows

ZIP Codes Within This Beat (see note below on ZIP codes and beats):