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Crime Statistics for 12D20's Beat

Beat 12d20
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Beat Description and Boundary:

Beginning at the intersection of the Gulf Freeway and Kingspoint, the boundary follows the Gulf Freeway southeast to Sagedowne. The Gulf Freeway Service Road is the responsiblity of 12D20. The Gulf Freeway is the responsiblity of 12D30. The boundary turns southwest at Sagedowne and follows the city limits along Sagedowne to Sageberry. The boundary continues to follow the city limits that turn southeast along Sageberry to Sageglow and southwest with the city limits along Sageglow to Sageking. The boundary turns northwest and follows the city limits along Sageking to Hall Road. The boundary turns northeast and follows the city limits along Hall Road to Beamer Road. It turns southeast and follows the city limits along Beamer Road to Sageleaf where it turns northeast again and follows the city limits along Sageleaf to Sageriver. The boundary tunrs northwest and follows the city limits along Sageriver to Kirkwell. It follows Kirkwell southwest along the city limits to the drainage ditch and turns northwest following the city limits along the ditch to Grenadier. It follows the city limits along Grenadeir to Kirkmont and follows the city limits west along Kirkmont to Kingspoint. The boundary follows Kingspoint to Blackhawk and follows the lot lines on the west side of Blackhawk north to the north side of Fuqua. Addresses on both sides of Blackhawk will be in the 12D20's beat. Fuqua will be in 12D20 beat. It follows the north side of Fuqua to the Alemda Genoa drainage ditch on the west side of the Stover Street lot lines. Stover will be in 12D20. It goes north tothe lot lines on the north side of Fonville and follows these lines to the end of the street and follows the east lot lines to the north lot lines of Mango. It then follows the northeast lot lines of Mango as they go southeast to Goya. The boundary continues along a straight to the intersection of Fonville and Alta Loma Way. Fonville will be in 12D20. All of the addresses on Goya will be in 12D20. It follows the west lost lines of Alta Loma to Torrington. It follows Torrington back to Kingspoint. It follows Kingspoint back to the Gulf Freeway. Alta Loma, Torrington, Sabo, and Kingspoint will be the responsiblity of 12D20.

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