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Beat 6b50
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Beat Description and Boundary:

Note: In August, 2005, 6B50 was split into two beats at the North Sam Houston Parkway with the new northern beat designated as 6B60

The boundary begins at the intersection of West Road and N IH-45 (North Freeway) and follows the city limits north on I-45.
(Addresses on the even (east) side of I-45, the northbound service road and the main lanes are the responsibility of 6B50. Odd (west) addresses and the southbound service road are Harris County.)
Just north of Gillespi Road the city limits turn west, then north passing just west of the dead end of Fallbrook, and goes around a business park to a point just south of N BW 8 W (North Sam Houston Parkway West). The boundary then turns westward and follows the south side BW 8 to a point halfway between Ella Boulevard and Sharmon.
(Both sides of Ella Boulevard are the responsibility of 6B60.)
The boundary turns back east along the north side of BW 8 to the city limits located just west of the Missouri Pacific Railroad Tracks.
(The even (south) addresses along BW 8 and the eastbound service road are the responsibility of 6B50. The main lanes of BW 8 are the responsibility of Harris County, but are contained in 6B50 beat. The odd (north) addresses and westbound service road are the responsibility of 6B50.)
The boundary follows the city limits southeasterly to Aldine Bender and then turns west. It continues west to Sellers Road, then south to a point straight and east of Jobal Street, and just north of Buffington Street.
(Along this portion of 700 and 600 Aldine Bender, 6B50 is responsible for the odd (north) addresses, and Harris County is responsible for the even (south) addresses.)
The boundary continues west, then back north to 500 Aldine Bender. It continues west to Lillja Road.
(Along the 500 block Aldine Bender, 6B50 is responsible for even (south) addresses up to 512. Harris County is responsible for even (south) addresses from 514 and all odd (north) addresses.)
The beat boundary then crosses to the south side of Aldine bender and continues west to a point just east of Rock House.
(Along this portion of 400 Aldine Bender, 6B50 is responsible for addresses on both sides and the roadway.)
The boundary then follows the city limits south to a point just north of Hollyvale, where the boundary turns west until it joins West Road, and continues west along West Road to the intersection with I-45, which is where it began.
(The even (north) addresses along West Road, and the roadway are the responsibility of 6B50.)
(The odd (south) addresses along West Road of 101-151 are Harris County, and the odd (south) addresses of 161-199 are 6B50.)

Landmarks and Neighborhoods Within This Beat:

Aldine, Imperial Valley

ZIP Codes Within This Beat (see note below on ZIP codes and beats):


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