POLICE Department

Air & Marine

The Air & Marine Division provides an array of airborne and waterborne law enforcement services to citizens and law enforcement officers in the Greater Houston area. The Air & Marine Division is composed of three units.

  • Air Support Unit, which provides patrol flights; support for high speed pursuits; call‐for‐service response; perimeter control support ; homeland security site checks; security flights for the Ship Channel and Port of Houston; live video‐downlink for major fire scenes; covert aerial surveillance; dignitary protection; photo‐evidence gathering; post‐storm damage assessment; and SWAT officer insertion and extraction;
  • Port Patrol Unit, which is responsible for maritime response on all waterways within the Port of Houston/Ship Channel and its connecting waterways, providing boater safety, search and recovery, and security patrols of critical infrastructure; and
  • Lake Patrol Unit, which patrols the lake and its tributaries, enforces the Texas Water Safety Ace and city ordinances, responds to calls for service, marks the navigable channels, and conducts search and rescue operations.