POLICE Department


The Airport–Hobby Division is based at William P. Hobby (HOU) Airport. Operations consists of 24/7 police support by patrolling passenger screening checkpoints, boarding gates, or anywhere else in the terminals where there might be a breach of security, weapons, bomb threat or other threat to safety and security. Additional patrols include mobile units that are responsible for patrolling all major streets and perimeters surrounding the airport.

The division has traditional patrol functions as well as additional security functions that are mandated by the federal government. The division also provides services to Ellington Airport and the immediate area, District 23. Ellington Airport contains commercial and general aviation along with several significant installations, such as NASA, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the Texas Army and Air National Guard.

The division has specialized units that work cooperatively to prevent and deter terrorism while providing a high level of quality police patrol and support for the traveling public and aviation community. These units include Criminal Investigations, which follows up on most airport-related criminal cases, and Tactical Bike Patrol.