POLICE Department


Homicide DivisionThe Homicide Division is responsible for the investigation of deaths that occur in the city of Houston. The division’s Homicide Squads investigate all homicide-related offenses including questionable deaths when foul play is suspected. The unit is staffed 24/7 and responds to crime scenes in addition to conducting follow-up investigations.

Other units within the Homicide Division include:
Cold Case Squad, which reviews old homicide cases for new leads or evidence;
Gang Squad, which investigated gang-related murders and which collaborates with the FBI’s Multi-Agency Gang Task Force;
Investigative Support, which helps all of the division’s units to secure information from public utilities, credit bureaus, and various computer databases; and
Special Investigations Unit, which investigates officer involved shootings, criminal allegations against the department or other city employees, and other matters assigned by the Chief of Police.