POLICE Department

Internal Affairs/Central Intake Office

Established in 1977, Internal Affairs investigates allegations of misconduct against HPD employees. It is a fact‐finding entity with a three‐fold purpose:

Protect the public. The public has the right to receive fair, efficient, and impartial law enforcement. Any misconduct by department personnel must be detected, thoroughly investigated, and properly adjudicated.
Protect the department. The department is often judged by the conduct of its employees. It is imperative that the whole organization not be criticized because of the misconduct of a few. An informed public must have confidence that its police department honestly and fairly investigates and adjudicates all allegations of misconduct against its employees.
Protect the employee. Employees must be protected against false or misinformed allegations of misconduct. This can only be accomplished through a consistently thorough investigative process.

In addition to investigating allegations made against personnel, the division also conducts proactive, covert investigations and surveillance of personnel suspected of misconduct.