POLICE Department


The Juvenile Division processes arrested juveniles and investigates crimes in which juveniles (ages 10-16) are the suspected perpetrators. The division also investigates all missing person cases, including suspected runaways. Additionally, the division registers juvenile sex offenders and adult sex offenders who have been court-ordered to register The division’s primary units include:

Intake, which operated 24/7 to handles prisoner processing and transport, assist walk-in complaints, and take missing persons reports;
Juvenile Crime Unit, which investigates offenses—both property crimes and crimes against persons—committed by juvenile suspects; and
Missing Persons Unit, which investigates all reports of missing persons of all ages including runaway juvenile reports. While this unit works the day shift, reports are taken 24/7 and unit members are subject to call‐up to coordinate investigations and search efforts. Additionally, this unit investigates criminal cases of custodial interference and related offenses as outlined in the Texas Penal Code.