POLICE Department


The Narcotics Division is charged with the suppression of illegal possession, manufacture, and distribution of controlled substances. To counter the threat of illegal narcoticsā€related violence and crime, the Narcotics Division has developed multifaceted strategies and initiatives targeting and attacking all levels of this complex problem. The suppression of such narcotics activity is accomplished through proactive investigations utilizing intelligence gathering capabilities, surveillance, confidential informants, and undercover operations.

A number of investigative specialized squads were created in response to the complexity of tasks that narcotics officers must undertake, either alone or in conjunction with other agencies. These squads include General Narcotics Enforcement Squads; the multi-jurisdictional Houston Intelligence Service Center; the Major Drug Squad; the Forfeiture Abatement Support Team; Targeted Narcotics Enforcement Team; the Houston Money Laundering Initiative; the Truck, Air, Rail and Port Task Force; the Pharmaceutical Diversion Squad; the Narcotics Operations Control Center; the Heroin Squad; and the Canine Squad.