POLICE Department

Office of Planning & Data Governance

The Office of Planning & Data Governance defines policies, responsibilities, and processes to standardize, integrate, and store data within a data governance framework. The Office coordinates research and planning for major projects and studies to increase office safety through policy development, organizational development, and product testing. It serves as the department’s lead in coordinating the sharing of policy and procedures with other law enforcement agencies, as well as coordinating the department’s participation in nationwide law enforcement studies. In addition, the Office provides certain logistical services to the department.

The office is organized into following units: Research & Special Projects;
Data Governance; Open Records
Records Management Support
Subpoena Section
Emergency Preparation
Uniform Supply
Office Services Critical Incident Video Unit.


Additionally, the Office of Planning manages logistics for department mobilizations. It ensures that department employees have their basic needs met during emergency situations. The unit manages the selection, purchase, storage, and distribution of food, water, sanitary supplies, and similar necessities.