POLICE Department

Property Division

The Property Division is the lead accountability agent for the management, preservation, and control of property and evidence. The division’s mission is to provide accountability and service to citizens, law enforcement officials, and prosecutors, who rely on the evidence and goods stored, maintained, and tracked by the division. The division also facilitates surplus/salvage services for HPD.

The division’s primary operational units include:
Intake, a 24/7 operation that allows the department personnel to tag or retrieve evidence;
Property Disposition and Property Disposal, which work closely with the District Attorney’s office and courts to determine what evidence and property can be processed for disposal, then retrieves and disposes of items approved for disposal in accordance with state law and city ordinance; and
Vehicle Impound Lot, which allows personnel to tag or retrieve evidence. Though open to officers 24/7, the public counter where citizens can retrieve their property is only open during more limited business hours.

How To Retrieve Property

Property Room Building
1202 Washington Ave. Houston, Texas 77002

Hours of operation for property pick up:

Monday - Saturday 7 am to 7 pm, closed Sundays and City holidays

832-394-4000 office
832-394-4015 fax

1202 Washington Ave. Houston, Texas 77002

Information To Help You Retrieve Your Property:

The Property Division can ONLY release property when a PROPERTY RELEASE FORM is authorized by a police officer from the division investigating your case. (Please see steps 1-4 below).

Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday 7 am to 7 pm, closed Sundays and City holidays

Investigative Divisions, contact telephone numbers:

Auto Theft (713) 308-3500
Burglary & Theft (713) 308-0900
Homicide (713) 308-3600
Jail -Central (713) 247-4248
Jail-Southeast (713) 731-5310
Juvenile (713) 731-5335
Major Offenders (713) 308-3100
Mental Health (832) 394-4200
Narcotics (713) 308-3300
Robbery (713) 308-0700
Special Theft Detail (713) 308-3100
Vehicular Crimes (713) 247-4072
Vice (713) 308-8600

Steps for Retrieving Your Property

Please follow the steps below to assist HPD Property Division personnel in releasing your property to you:

  • You must first make contact with an investigator from the concerned division to determine whether the property is authorized for release. (Generally, authorization comes from a court or the investigator when the property is no longer necessary for law enforcement purposes.)

  • The Property Release Form MUST BE COMPLETED and SIGNED by the investigator from the concerned division  prior to picking up property. Once the form is completed and signed, it is given to the citizen or faxed to Property Division.

  • Property Division Personnel do not have the authority to release any property unless steps 1 and 2 are completed.

  • You MUST have current identification such as:
    • Any government ID, including official Police ID
    • State Issued ID (ex., Driver’s License or ID Card)
    • Student ID
    • Passports
    • Inmate ID
    • If you do not have an ID we will accept the Property Release Record with authorization from the investigating division stating they have verified your identity. The statement “no identification” must be written on the release form by the authorizing division.


Source: Property Division

Ref: 3.04.P05.F05
Rev 1 (10-22-13)