POLICE Department

South Gessner

South Gessner Patrol provides police services to District 17, which is comprised of four beats that cover an area south of the Southwest Freeway and north of South Main. The majority of the district has an eastern boundary at Hillcroft, with the 17E10 beat extending past Hillcroft up to the Bellaire City limits. The western boundary is the Southwest Freeway and the southwestern border of West Sam Houston Parkway South.

Landmarks in the area include Sharpstown High School; Houston Baptist University; Bayland, Burnett Bayland, Braeburn Glen, Bonham and Marion Parks; the Braeburn Country Club; the consulate offices for Ethiopia and El Salvador; the City of Houston’s Southwest Multi-Service Center and Harris County’s Chimney Rock Center.

Some of the neighborhoods located in this patrol area include Gulfton, Sharpstown, Braeburn, Braes Terrace, Braeburn Valley, Braeburn Valley West, Glenshire, Southmeadow, Northfield, Northbrook, Northbrook South, and West Airport.

South Gessner Patrol Station

8605 Westplace Drive
Houston, TX 77071
Open 24 hours daily