POLICE Department

Tactical Operations

The Tactical Operations Division consists of an administrative unit and four operational units that are available 24/7 for special threat situations warranting a tactical response. The division’s operational units include:

Bomb Squad, which responds to all calls involving potential improvised explosive devices and renders them safe; supports large scenes and special events (e.g., SuperBowl and All-Star games); recovers explosive and military ordnance; and any calls involving explosions to render the post-blast scene safe;

Patrol Canine Detail, which helps patrol officers in their searches for people, and evidence, including both narcotics and explosives;

Hostage Negotiation Team, which provides specially trained personnel who work to achieve a safe conclusion for special threat situations involving hostage taking or barricades suspects; and

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Detail, which responds to high-risk incidents involving snipers, barricaded suspects, suicide threats, and terrorist activities.

Dive Team, which is composed of highly trained public safety divers outfitted with commercial diving equipment, provides search and recovery operations for the recovery of evidence or imaging of underwater scenes. Dive Team members are also fully trained to respond with the Air Support Unit to conduct aerial rescues.