POLICE Department

Traffic Enforcement

The Traffic Enforcement Division’s works to protect the safety of the public by enforcing laws to curtail unsafe/illegal driving practices. Specific enforcement aims to detect impaired drivers and coordinate testing of persons arrested for driving while intoxicated. The enforcement of traffic laws with an eye towards accident prevention is the goal of the division. The division’s operational units include:

DWI Task Force, which works to detect and apprehend intoxicated drivers;
Mobility Response Team, which responds to and mitigates significant non-freeway congestion due to unexpected events (e.g., signal malfunctions, crashes, roadway hazards, fire, and weather events;
Motorcycle Detail (Solos), which works to maintain the flow of traffic on Houston’s freeway system;
Radar Task Force, which works with patrol to target locations in need of enforcement ; and
Highway Interdiction, a uniformed squad comprised of truck enforcement officers, traffic enforcement officers and K-9 officers tasked with addressing.