POLICE Department

General Orders

The Houston Police Department General Orders are a collection of written orders of the Chief of Police that establish the policies and procedures of the Houston Police Department as authorized by the section 34-23 of the City of Houston Code of Ordinances. Changes and exceptions to the General Orders may be made or approved by only the Chief of Police.  

While most policies are posted in their entirety, some polices have been redacted. Sensitive material that could jeopardize the safety of the public, crime victims, and members of the Houston Police Department, or that could impede the officers’ ability to respond to critical incidents has been obscured for security purposes in line with rulings of the Office of the Attorney General. The department continually reviews and updates General Orders; therefore, there may be a delay in posting revised or new orders.

Series 100: Organization

100-01 Internal Directives

100-03 Definitions of Terms

100-06 Department Mission, Values, Ethics, and Guiding Principles

100-07 Standard Operating Procedures

Series 200: Administration

200-01 Requesting Legal Opinions

200-02 Employees Facing Legal Action

200-03 Investigation of Employee Misconduct

200-04 Assistance to Employees Involved in Critical Incidents

200-05 Employee Parking Regulations

200-06 Political Activities

200-07 Grants Administration

200-08 Conduct and Authority

200-09 Line Inspections

200-10 Emergency Management

200-11 Employee Integrity and Verifications Program

200-12 Purchasing Process

200-13 Polygraph Examinations

200-14 Telephone Regulations

200-15 Employee Association Access

200-16 Cooperative Agreements

200-17 Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Procedures

200-18 Citizen Claims Against the City

200-19 Americans with Disabilities Act

200-20 Awards and Commendations

200-26 Workday and Workweek

200-27 Meal Period

200-28 Officer Funerals and Ceremonial Honors

200-31 Smoking, Tobacco Use, and Electronic Cigarettes

200-33 Oath of Office and Promotional Oath

200-35 Speakers at Department Events

200-36 Solicitation, Gifts, and Bribery

200-39 Cash Handling

200-40 Petty Cash Fund

200-41 Department Presence on Social Media and the Internet

Series 300: Personnel Management

300-01 Allocation of Positions

300-02 Transfer of Classified Employees

300-03 Seniority

300-04 Compensation

300-05 Wokers' Compensation

300-06 Training-Classified

300-07 Overtime Compensation-Classified

300-08 Classified Employee Efficiency Rating

300-09 Absence from Duty-Classified

300-10 Transitional Duty Assignment

300-11 Discrimination, Harassment, and Other Prohibited Conduct

300-12 Grievance Procedure

300-13 Separation and Reinstatement

300-14 Extra Employment

300-15 Appearance and Grooming Standards

300-17 Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing

300-18 Clothing Allowance

300-19 Physical Fitness and Agility Program

300-21 Communicable Disease Policy

300-22 Personnel Files

300-24 Early Warning System

300-25 Court Attendance and Compensation

300-26 Employee Representative Council

300-27 Standards of Productivity

300-28 Use of Intoxicants

300-29 Donation of Time

300-30 Volunteering Time for Convalescing Officers

300-32 Processing Complaints and Employee Issues

300-33 Mediation

300-34 Strategic Officer Staffing Program

300-35 Phase Down Program

300-36 Exempt Time Compensation and Exempt Time Credit

Series 400: Equipment and Uniforms

400-02 HPD Badges and Identification Cards

400-05 Firearms Qualification and Control

400-06 Carrying Concealed Firearms

400-07 Vehicle Use and Assignment

400-08 City Vehicle Crashes

400-10 Unit and Radio Numbering

400-12 Surveillance Equipment

400-13 Acceptable Use of Computer Systems

400-14 Control of Police Department Property

400-15 Office Supplies and Office Copy Machines

400-18 Responsibility for City and Other Government Property

400-19 Computer Regulations

400-20 Vehicle Allocation

400-21 Mobile Computing Devices

400-22 Keys, Passwords, and Personal Identification Numbers

400-23 Mobile Video Equipment

400-24 Child Safety Seats

400-25 Acceptable Use of Computers

400-26 Conducted Energy Devices

400-27 Automated Vehicle Location System

400-28 Body Worn Cameras

400-29 Automated License Plate Recognition

Series 500: Arrest and Detention

500-01 Effecting Arrests and Searches

500-02 Handling and Transporting Prisoners and Other Persons

500-03 Guarding Prisoners at Area Hospitals

500-04 Driving While Intoxicated

500-05 Undocumented Immigrants

500-06 Juvenile and Young Adult Encounters

500-07 Filing Proper Charges

500-08 Required Booking Information and Procedures

500-10 Brady Michael Morton Act Disclosure Requirement

500-11 Publicly Intoxicated Persons

500-12 Response to Mental Health Incidents

500-13 Use of Interpreters and Translators

500-14 Class C Misdemeanors

500-15 Contact with Representatives of Foreign Governments

500-16 Referral of Drivers for Re-examination by Licensing Authority

500-17 Transferring Prisoners in the Field

500-18 Traffic Violations by Legislators and Military Personnel

500-19 Warrant Service Procedures

500-20 Treatment of Prisoners, Suspects, and Other Citizens

Series 600: Operations

600-01 Response Management

600-02 Beat Accountability

600-03 General Broadcasts

600-04 Motor Vehicle Pursuits

600-05 Special Threat Situations

600-06 Family Violence

600-07 Handling Dead Bodies Exposed to Public View

600-08 Missing, Kidnapped, and Found Persons

600-09 Crash Investigations

600-10 Towing

600-11 Foot Pursuits

600-12 Emergency Notification

600-13 Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Act

600-14 Sexual Assaults

600-16 Confidential Informants and Other Sources of Information

600-17 Use of Force

600-18 Firearm and Soft-Impact Weapon Discharges

600-19 Police Headquarters Security

600-20 Use of Force Reporting

600-21 Public Recording of Police Activity

600-22 Feeding Employees During Emergency Situations and Department Mobilizations

600-23 Officers Signatures on State Motor Vehicle Forms

600-24 Deconflicting Covert and Narcotics Related Operations

600-26 Labor Disputes

600-27 Preliminary and Follow-Up Investigations

600-29 Parking Citations

600-31 Burglar, Holdup, and Panic Alarms

600-32 Ride-Along Program

600-33 Social Services Assistance and Referrals

600-34 High-Risk Vehicle Approaches

600-36 Bomb Threats, Explosive Devices, Explosions

600-37 Hate Crimes

600-38 Gang Crime

600-39 Threats Against Employees, Family Members, Public Officials, and Special Events

600-40 Police Storefronts, Community Services, and Differential Response Teams

600-41 Weapons of Mass Destruction

600-42 Racial Profiling Prohibited

600-43 Animal Bites

Series 700: Evidence Control

700-01 Property and Evidence Control Regulations

700-08 Asset Seizure and Forfeiture

700-09 Photograph and Lineup Identification Procedures

Series 800: Information and Records

800-02 Media Relations

800-03 Critical Incident Video Public Release

800-04 Reception and Dissemination of Criminal Intelligence Information

800-05 Police Publications

800-06 CJIS Compliance

800-07 Criteria for Submitting Incident Reports

800-08 Auto Theft Reports

800-09 Official Document Archives

800-10 Police Records

800-11 TCIC-NCIC

800-12 Records Retention

800-13 Collection and Dissemination of Police Service Information

Series 900: Civilian Personnel

900-01 Absence from Duty – Civilian

900-02 Training – Civilian

900-03 Employee Concern Resolution Program

900-07 Overtime Compensation – Civilian