Incident   Suspect     Officer   
12/29/2015 166610115 3800 Hickok Ln. M B 22 None None M W 32 None N 1 Off duty officer in plain clothes was approached by two suspects while in his vehicle.  One suspect pointed a gun at the officer and demanded everything.  The suspect then pulled the trigger but the weapon misfired.  The officer drew his firearm and shot the suspect.  Both suspects fled and were later apprehended.

M B 23 Wounded Firearm
12/25/2015 165095615 4002 Corder Juvenile Juvenile Juvenile Wounded None M W 23 Wounded Y 1 While an HPD officer was chasing a suspect attempting to climb over a fence, the officer grabbed the suspect with his free hand and upon doing so the suspect fell back off the fence into the officer.  The officer's weapon discharged striking the suspect in the buttocks. 
12/12/2015 158966515 10079 Briarwild Ln. M H 35 Wounded None M H 47 None Y 2 or More HPD officers were dispatched to a burglary in progress.  The burglary suspect brandished a shotgun, later determined a firearm replica, and fled the scene.  The suspect was later found with a kife and unresponsive to CED devises.  The suspect lunged at an officer who shot the suspect once.  The suspect survived.
11/4/2015 141999815 3200 Drew M B 56 Killed Firearm M W 28 None Y 1 CRU officers stopped a vehicle and gave the driver repeated verbal commmands, which were ignored, to lower his window.  The second officer also gave commands and saw the suspect pull out a pistol.  Fearing for his and his partner's safety, the officer discharged his weapon and killed the suspect.
10/30/2015 139741915 13630 Veterans Memorial M B 24 Killed Firearm M W 35 None Y 2 or More Officers confronted robbery suspects who were leaving a Valu-Pawn they just robbed.  Officers discharged their firearms striking three suspects: one died at the scene and two were life-flighted to Hermann Hospital.  No officers were injured.
M B 25 Killed Firearm M W 40 None Y
M B 24 Wounded Firearm
10/16/2015 133534615 913 Panama M W 27 Killed Firearm M W 52 None Y 1 SWAT responded to a consumer in a mental crisis who barricaded himself into a bedroom and had access to a long-gun.  The suspect exited the location with a firearm, failed to follow commands, and was shot by a SWAT officer.  The suspect died at the scene and there were no other persons injures.
10/15/2015 133195715 7844 W Tidwell M B 22 Wounded Firearm M H 49 None Y 1 DPS  and NW Patrol officers observed three suspects enter a cash store and attempt to rob it.  DPS and NW officeres discharged their weapons striking the suspects when they ran at the officers with guns drawn.  One suspect was killed, another wounded, and a third was arrested. No officers were injured.
M B 20 None None M W 40 None Y 1
M B 20 Killed Firearm M W 35 None Y 1
10/9/2015 130647615 777 Bateswood M H 22 Wounded Knife M B 53 None Y 1 An HPD officer located a burglary suspect at an apartment complex on the second floor.  The suspect ignored the officer’s commands, brandished a knife, and charged the officer.  As a result, the officer opened fire on the suspect striking him twice in the torso.  At this time, the suspect is in critical condition.
10/8/2015 130282515 Protected By Law Juvenile Juvenile Juvenile Wounded Firearm M W 54 None Y 1 Off duty HPD officer noticed a vehicle following him while driving home.  Once at his house, the suspect jumped out of his vehicle with a gun and the officer shot the suspect twice.  Three additional suspects were arrested by responding officers while the other was transported to the hospital.  The officer was uninjured.
10/3/2015 127727615 7753 LEONARA M H 22 None Firearm M H 42 None Y 1 A suspect refused verbal commands to come out and raised a shotgun at the officers.  One HPD sergeant sought cover and discharged his duty weapon several times but missed the suspect.  After SWAT deployed tear gas, the suspect surrendered and was taken into custody without further incident.
9/24/2015 123663615 10011 Hanka M W 37 None Vehicle M W 24 None Y 2 or More While two officers ran after a suspect fleeing on foot, the suspect managed to enter their police vehicle and try to run over one of the officers.  The officer in fear of his life shot multiple times at the suspect. The suspect crashed, was taken into custody, and neither the suspect nor officers were injured by a gunshot.
9/8/2015 116471815 6400 Hillcroft M H 29 None Firearm M H 29 None Y ER 1 Patrol officers were at a night club in the process of closing when they heard firearms discharging.  As the officers approached a suspicious vehicle, the passenger discharged a pistol at the officers.  The officers and a security gaurd returned fire, persued the suspect's vehicle, and captured the suspects.
M H 23 None None M W 25 None Y ER 1
9/5/2015 115223915 4926 Chennault M U UNK Wounded Firearm M W 28 None Y ER 2 or More An officer was dispatched to a weapons disturbance involving a male sitting atop a vehicle and discharging a firearm.  The suspect refused the officer's verbal commands and made a movement toward the officer who then discharged his firearm, striking the suspect in the abdomen.
8/27/2015 111183815 1401 St. Joseph Pkwy M B 26 Wounded Physical Force M H 44 Wounded Y
Officers were called to a CIT patient in crisis.  The suspect began to assault the officers at which time one officer discharged his taser at the suspect without any effects.  The suspect continue to assault the officers, so the other officer discharged his firearm wounding the suspect in his abdomen.  Both officers received minor injuries.
8/21/2015 108702415 3608 Crane St. F B UNK None Firearm M B 37 None N Officer working and extra job handling a distrubance between two males in the parking lot. A vehicle drove by the location and one occupant discharged a round towards the officer. The officer returned fire and struck the vehicle. The vehicle fled the scene. There were no injuries to the officer.
M B UNK None None
8/17/2015 106630315 4100 Hoffman M B 35 Killed Firearm M H 34 None Y An HPD Officer responded to the shooting in progress call.  The officer approached the suspect and asked to search him.  The suspect pulled up his shirt and began pulling a pistol from his waistband.  The officer struggled over the weapon, pulled his own pistol, and shot the suspect.  The suspect died at the scene.  
8/2/2015 99571615 9900 BEECHNUT ST M W 63 Killed Vehicle M W 32 None Y While evading arrest, the suspect intentionally rammed police vehicles and attempted to hit officers with his pick-up truck.  Two officers deployed their weapons at the suspect striking the suspect approximately 2 times.  The driver was able to ram his way past the blocking patrol vehicles before striking the center esplanade and then the curb on the opposite side of the 6 lane roadway. After the suspect's vehicle came to a stop on the grass, officers pulled the suspect from the vehicle and administer first-aid until HFD Ambulance Medic #10 arrived. The suspect was transported to Southwest Memorial Hospital where he was later pronounced deceased hours.
M H 42 None Y
7/28/2015 97568715 10234 Tangiers M B 24 None Firearm M W 48 None Y SWAT was called to a residence where an evading suspect was hiding in the attic.  The suspect shot several times at the officers who returned fire at the suspect. No one was injured during the shooting. The suspect later surrendered to officers and was taken into custody without any injuries.
M B 43 None Y
7/22/2015 94851715 6200 Gulfton M H 23 Wounded Firearm M W 42 None N Officers working an extra job observed 3 males walking and one was holding a pistol in plain view.  Officers identified themselves and the suspects turned toward the officers. The suspect holding the pistol, raised it and pointed it at the officers. One of the officers discharged his firearm and struck the suspect. 
7/7/2015 87555915 1200 Tiny Tree Dr Juvenile Juvenile Juvenile Killed Firearm M H 38 None Y 1
Three suspects fled in a vehicle, they pointed weapons at persuing officers. In fear of his life, an officer discharged his duty weapon multiple times and struck the suspects, killing one, injuring two.
Juvenile Juvenile Juvenile Wounded Firearm
F B 24 Wounded None
7/7/2015 87658515 115 E. Canino M A 21 None Firearm M W 52 None Y While conducting robbery surveillance, officers observed suspects rob a store with firearms and flee.  Officers attempted to box in the suspect but were rammed by the suspect's vehicle.  One suspect in the vehicle pointed a gun at the officers who returned fire injuring one suspect from glass fragmentation.
M B 21 None Firearm M W 33 None Y
M B 24 Wounded Firearm M H 44 None Y
6/3/2015 71376915 12700 South Green  M H 33 Killed Knife M W 53 None Y Officers were involved in a pursuit which ended with a barricaded suspect in a vehicle and a K-9 was deployed. The suspect got out of the vehicle with a large knife and was shot by 2 Officers.  The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. 
M W 48 None Y
4/28/2015 53879915 Protected By Law M B UNK None Firearm M H 38 None N Officer was monitoring his surveillance cameras when he saw an unknown male approach his front door.  There had been muliple break-ins in the area so the officer was on alert when he saw the male approach. The officer ran after the suspect and confronted him in a nearby field.  The suspect pointed a firearm at the officer so the officer shot at the suspect. The suspect fled but was not found.  
4/17/2015 47973815 2203 Gessner F H 29 Wounded None M H 38 None Y Officer arrived at the scene and found two groups of females involved in a disturbance. As he was attempting to gain control of the scene, a pit-bull charged at him. The officer shot the dog but in the process, the dog's owner was accidently hit in the leg by one of the fired bullets.
4/15/2015 47127315 15100 Wallisville M B 42 Killed None M H 32 None Y HPD officers conducted a traffic stop but the suspect fled in his vehicle as the officers were attempting to identify him.  The suspect came to a stop after striking two other vehicles. The suspect refused to comply with the officers and was shot when his actions led the officers to believe that he was reaching for a weapon.
None M W 30 None Y
4/13/2015 46362715 3  GREENS RD M H 24 Killed Firearm M H 42 None N A robbery suspect who was attempting to steal a vehicle was confronted by citizens at the location.  An officer who was working an extra job nearby arrived at the location and approached the vehicle. As he approached he saw the suspect point a weapon at him. The officr fired his weapon and killed the suspect.
4/2/2015 41129615 11959  SOUTH SAM HOUSTON PARKWAY W M B 26 Wounded None M W 53 None Y Officers pursued a suspect in a vehicle and then on foot.  The suspect ran into a wooded area. The officer believed he saw a weapon so he discharged his firearm at the suspect - striking the suspect and another officer.
2/10/2015 17884215 8425  WINKLER DR M H 28 None Firearm M H 29 None Y An HPD officer responded to a home invasion.  When the officer encountered the suspect, the suspect fired and missed at the officer.  The officer returned fire and also missed the suspect.  A total of three suspects were involved.  The shooter was arrested and two others remains at large.
M H 25 None None
F H 22 None None
1/19/2015 7847415 800  N LOOP E M B UNK None None M P 36 None N While an off duty HPD officer was refueiling his car, a black male was spotted inside the officer's vehicle burglarizing it.  The officer, in fear the suspect would steal his weapon inside the vehicle, grabs his firearm and fired upon the getaway vehicle because the driver had appeared to be reaching down for something.
1/16/2015 6314215 12810  GULF FWY OB M H 26 Killed Firearm M W 49 None N 1
HPD officer working an extra job at a bar confronted the suspect who was carrying a handgun outside the location.  The suspect ignored the officer's commands to drop the weapon.  The suspect pointed his gun at the officer and the officer in fear of his life shot and killed the suspect.
1/16/2015 6695315 14121  ELLA BLVD M B 18 Wounded Firearm M W 46 None N An HPD officer working an extra job in uniform at a convenient store saw three black males enter with a shotgun pointed inside the store.  The officer fired at the suspects who again pointed the weapon at the pursuing officer.  The officer again shot and injured a suspect.  HCSO worked the shooting.
M B 19 None None
M B 19 None None
1/9/2015 3483515 16272  IMPERIAL VALLEY DR M H 19 Wounded None M H 30 None Y
Officer responded to a  burglary in progress by three HMs.  The officer spotted one of the males, instructed him to show his hands and get on the ground.  The suspect raised his hands above his head as if to surrender then quickly dropped them toward his waist.  As a result, the officer shot and injured the suspect.
1/9/2015 3652815 10902  MONTVERDE LN M H 20 Wounded Firearm M P 29 None Y An HPD officer was responding to a home invasion in progress call when he confronted the suspect upon his arrival to the scene.  The suspect pointed a pistol at the officer and the officer, in fear of his life, discharged his duty weapon striking the suspect three times.  The suspect was in critical condition.

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