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Underage Drinking In Harris County Reaches Epidemic Proportions

March 27, 2008 - Excessive underage drinking has reached epidemic proportions among Houston and Harris County youth. Already listed among the top regions in the nation for alcohol traffic incidents, the Houston-Harris County area recorded 1,172 alcohol related motor vehicular fatalities for the period between 2002-2006, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. As a result, some local agencies have joined forces with the Mayor White's anti-drug office to develop proactive solutions in addressing this problem.

"As a community we need to do more, and I'm convinced that we can do more to protect our children, our families and friends from the devastation caused by drinking and driving. I'm glad to see so many agencies and organizations working together to solve this problem. I look forward to receiving the favorable results of their combined efforts," said Mayor White.

Through a special grant funded by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, Phoenix House, Mothers Against Drunk Driving-Southeast affiliate, Houston Crackdown and others have formed the Houston-Harris County Underage Drinking Initiative to work with area law enforcement agencies, judges, churches, parents, and schools aimed at the prevention of underage drinking and binge drinking on college campuses.

One of their first projects will be a town hall forum on prevention underage drinking and alcohol related fatalities to be taped by Houston Television (HTV) on March 31 st , 4:00 pm, at its studios located at 3100 Main St. The forum, entitled Saving our Children from the Epidemic of Underage Drinking in Harris County, will combine lively discussion from expert panelists in law enforcement, education, treatment, and strategists who monitor teenage driving habits. With the help of HTV airing the discussion, large numbers of people will be able to take advantage of helpful news and information including agency hotlines and websites dedicated to the prevention of underage drinking in Houston and Harris County.

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