District G

Council Member Greg Travis

Council Member Greg Travis

Greg Travis, who was elected to City Council District G on November 3, 2015, possesses the unique qualities Houstonians deserve in a City Council Member - integrity, vision, leadership, and independence.  He is a bold thinker and natural leader who will be a part of solutions our city needs.

Greg believes that city government should serve as a strong but quiet force, empowering citizens to raise our families, perform our jobs, and enjoy our lives. He feels that city government and city services should be open and accessible to the entire community, that city services should be performed in the most efficient and effective manner possible, and that citizens should receive the greatest value for our tax dollars.  Greg firmly believes that a Houston City Council Member is first and foremost a public servant and must have respect for, and responsibility to, the citizens of Houston. More ...

Sherwood Forest Drainage and Paving Project, CIP #M-000263

Sherwood Forest Phasing Map(1) Map and Construction Phasing (full sized .jpg of image at right)

(2) Frequently Asked Questions (.pdf)

(3) Tree Planting Plan (.pdf)

(4) Key Information

  • Contractor is Total Contracting Limited
  • Construction Notice to Proceed issued June 15, 2015
  • Anticipated Construction Substantial Completion: December 26, 2016