Mayor's Office

Annise D. Parker, Mayor

Mayor Annise D. Parker
Mayor Annise D. Parker serves as the Executive Officer of the City. As the City's chief administrator and official representative, the Mayor is responsible for the general management of the City and for seeing that all laws and ordinances are enforced. Administrative duties include the appointments, with Council approval, of department heads and persons serving on advisory boards.

As Executive Officer, the Mayor administers oaths and signs all motions, resolutions and ordinances passed by City Council. The Mayor also serves a legislative function, presiding over City Council with voting privileges.

The Mayor is responsible for advising Council of the City's financial condition and presents to Council an annual budget for approval.

2015 State of the City Address

Good afternoon everyone. Today I stand before you for the sixth and final time. I admit that it is a bittersweet occasion. It is a time to celebrate accomplishments, but it is also a reminder that time is running out to do more. I love this city! I love the people who live here, and that love has been the driving force behind every decision I’ve made.

I want to talk about my Houston. I talk about Houston a lot. I’ve had an unprecedented amount of media attention during my terms as Mayor, and it’s given me an unparalleled opportunity to share my city with the world. Note that: my Houston, my city. I was born and have spent all my adult life here, so it’s the city with which I am most familiar, but it’s mine for more than that. Any Mayor is the public face and voice of her city, performing ceremonial duties, providing routine information and delivering crisis communications. It’s my city for more than that. In a strong Mayor city I not only lead the city, but I also run the city, but it’s my city in more ways that, too.

Each of us has a way of knowing Houston as “mine”.  And that may be the best thing about my city; it’s your city, and her city, and his city, and their city.  It has nothing to do with birthplace, isn’t about how long one has lived here, is not about the jobs we hold, or what language we speak.  As we become hers, we each know Houston as ours. And we treat her that way. 

I woke up one morning and discovered I lived in a thriving, exciting, hardworking global village, surrounded by immigrants and refugees and transplants and visitors and natives. And we all belong.

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2014 Inaugural Address

Mayor Annise D. Parker
January 2, 2014

I love this city!

Thank you for trusting me to continue in what I believe is the best job in America.  To serve you is my greatest honor.  I remain excited to go to work each and every day.

I congratulate our City Controller and our City Council Members. I know personally the duties they have assumed today, and I salute their service.  Each one of us worked diligently, passionately, (some over a period of years) to achieve these positions. We recognize the sacred trust we have assumed.  Whatever our differences in philosophy, in personality, in opinions, we will endeavor to reward your faith in us.

We are here today to affirm a contract with each other. A contract, in fact, that we on stage have formally sworn an oath to honor. Council will set policy for the city. They will gather the needs and wants, the problems and concerns of their constituents, and translate them into concrete policy goals.

As Mayor, I am the public face of our city. I celebrate the triumphs and articulate the pain. I calm protests and invite action ...

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Biography of the Mayor

Mayor Parker is Houston’s 61st mayor and one of only two women to hold the City’s highest elected office. As the City's chief executive officer, she is responsible for all aspects of the general management of the City and for enforcement of all laws and ordinances.

Parker has spent many years in service to the people of Houston, with six years as a City Council member and six years as City Controller. She is the only person in Houston history to hold the offices of council member, controller and mayor.

The mayor’s tenure includes passage and implementation of Rebuild Houston, a pay-as-you-go comprehensive street and drainage improvement program that will provide jobs for Houstonians for years to come; voter approval of a $410 million public improvement bond program; creation of an independent organization to oversee the City’s crime lab operations; a unique sobering center for public intoxication cases; adoption of a long-term financial plan that ensures the stability of the City’s water department and reorganization of City departments to achieve cost savings and more efficient operations. She created a new City department focused on the needs of neighborhoods and the Office of Business Opportunity to help minority and women-owned small business enterprises compete for City contracts. Additionally, she won City Council approval of a Historic Preservation Ordinance that, for the first time, provides real protection for historic properties in City-designated historic districts and she issued one of the most comprehensive non-discrimination orders in the nation.

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