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Mayor Annise D. Parker serves as the Executive Officer of the City. As the City's chief administrator and official representative, the Mayor is responsible for the general management of the City and for seeing that all laws and ordinances are enforced. Administrative duties include the appointments, with Council approval, of department heads and persons serving on advisory boards.

As Executive Officer, the Mayor administers oaths and signs all motions, resolutions and ordinances passed by City Council. The Mayor also serves a legislative function, presiding over City Council with voting privileges. The Mayor is responsible for advising Council of the City's financial condition and presents to Council an annual budget for approval.

2014 State of the City Address

Good afternoon. You know I can't start without saying how much I love this city! I know you love it, too. Together we are building a bright future for Houston.

Obviously, it is easier to stand before you this year than it was four years ago. We have come so far from that first tough term in office when Houston and the rest of the nation were in the midst of the economic downturn. 2010 seems like a lifetime ago, and yet just yesterday. So much has been accomplished. Each day we strive to be the best Houston we can be. Our rankings prove this again this year. We are one of the best cities in which to find a job. We are the "Most Walkable City" among the state's largest cities. We are a top city for global trade. We have the "Best Domestic Airport." One ranking even has us as the "Best City in America" ...

2014 Inaugural Address

Mayor Annise D. Parker
January 2, 2014

Thank you for trusting me to continue in what I believe is the best job in America. To serve you is my greatest honour. I remain excited to go to work each and every day.

I congratulate our City Controller and our City Council Members. I know personally the duties they have assumed today, and I salute their service. Each one of us worked diligently, passionately, (some over a period of years) to achieve these positions. We recognize the sacred trust we have assumed. Whatever our differences in philosophy, in personality, in opinions, we will endeavor to reward your faith in us ...