Mayor's Office

Ceremonial Documents

PHONE: 832.393.0802


  • All requests will go through an internal review and approval process.
  • All requests must be submitted in a neatly printed or typed format.
  • All requests need to be received at least two to three weeks prior to the date the document is needed to the following address: 

Mayor's Office
ATTN: Ceremonial Documents Office
P.O. Box 1562
Houston, TX 77251 

  • Letters of request may be e-mailed to
  • All requests must include the name and daytime telephone number/e-mail address of the contact person.
  • Submitting a draft of the document desired with the request will expedite the process considerably.
  • Requests for a ceremonial document are limited to one per organization and/or per individual per year. Only one original document will be issued per event. Exceptions to this may be made for certificates.
  • Ceremonial documents may be picked up only after you have been notified it is ready at City Hall, 901 Bagby, 3rd floor reception, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • All requests must follow the appropriate criteria highlighted in the following sections.


Certificates will be issued for the following:

  • Honorary Citizenship - Foreign dignitaries, prominent individuals, entertainers, or artists
  • Appreciation - Outstanding contributions to the City and citizens of Houston
  • Heroism
  • Family reunions
  • Certificate Example (.pdf)

Information required: A brief summary about the individual to be honored and his/her accomplishments, highlights of his/her accomplishments, highlights of his/her involvement in the community, the date of recognition, and type of event planned.


Letters of Welcome will be issued for the following:

  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Seminars
  • Class Reunions for schools and institutions that are located in Houston, or for reunions that are held in Houston
  • Letter Example (.pdf)

(Color photograph of the Mayor will be furnished for souvenir publications upon request.)

Letters of Congratulation or Celebration will be issued for the following:

  • Professional Celebrations
  • Religious Anniversaries and Celebrations
  • Significant Birthdays or anniversaries
  • Eagle Scout Award
  • Girl Scout Gold Award
  • Congratulations Letter Example (.pdf)

Information required: Indicate the title or nature of the event, the specific date, a brief history of the organization, a biographical sketch of the person, and any other pertinent information.


Proclamations will be issued for civic celebrations; organizations and individuals; significant events; significant anniversaries of major Houston-based institutions and corporations; significant birthdays; fund-raisers benefiting the citizens of Houston; Retirements; and individuals who have made a significant contribution to society.

Information required:

  • what is being proclaimed: John Doe Day
  • what date is being proclaimed
  • Brief history of organization or biography of the person, purpose, goals, motto or theme. If funds are to be raised, list who will benefit from this event, and what will take place during this time of celebration/recognition. If possible, include a brochure.
  • Proclamation Example (Paragraph or Whereas Format, .pdf)
  • Retiree Proclamation (.doc format or .pdf)