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Office Logo The Office of New Americans and Immigrant Communities reaches out to Houston’s diverse community of immigrants, ex-patriates and refugees to facilitate their successful civic, economic and cultural integration as members of our community.

By partnering with stakeholders and community-based organizations to offer programs, services, and signature events, the Office of New Americans seeks to build the capacity of Houston to welcome and integrate its diverse citizenry.

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Serving people from all over the world who call Houston home

Current DACA recipients with valid work permits that expire between September 5, 2017 and March 5, 2018 must submit their renewal applications by October 5, 2017.
If they are not able to do so on time or their renewal application is declined, their work authorization will expire between October 2017 and March 2018. This is a one-time only renewal.

Houston’s immigration legal services community is providing free legal services for individuals who need to renew their DACA application by October 5th. For example, Catholic Charities Cabrini Center for Immigrant Legal Assistance (713-874-6570) is hosting 11 clinics and BakerRipley has walk-in assistance every week day between now and October 5th at three community centers around the city (713-273-3707). Memorial Assistance Ministiries (713-468-4516 ext.182) has an upcoming DACA renewal clinic on September 16th and others are being planned.

A current listing of legal services clinics and workshops for those needing assistance with their DACA renewal can be found at

Mission Asset Funds has funding to cover about 2,000+ DACA renewal applications in the U.S. for free. DACA recipients simply apply and MAF will send a check already written out to USCIS for payment of DACA renewal. This is not a loan and no one will be asked to pay the money back. Scholarship applications are here. The award of the scholarships will be on first come, first served basis.

Mayor Turner Issues Statement on Immigration

May 2, 2017 -- “I know there are a lot of immigrant & refugee families and children who are afraid and worried right now about what might happen to them. I want them to know that Houston is, and always has been, a welcoming city, where we value and appreciate diversity. HPD is not the Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency. We don’t profile, and we are not going to start profiling people to determine whether they are here illegally. It hasn’t happened under previous mayors, and it will not happen under my administration.”

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