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Officer A. Garcia

Last month, Officer A. Garcia received a call for help from the Houston Fire Department (H.F.D.) at a McDonald’s parking lot off the Eastex Freeway. A suspect had ingested a dangerous substance known as PCP, had injured himself, and was being transported to the hospital by H.F.D. The suspect escaped from the ambulance ...and was in the process of throwing large newspaper containers through business windows, pushing over trash cans and breaking vehicle windows with his hands. When Officer Garcia arrived, he quickly assessed the situation and noticed that the suspect was very large individual. He radioed for additional officers and attempted to contain the scene at a safe distance until help arrived.

Before help could arrive, the suspect began to assault two innocent victims who were sitting in their car. Officer Garcia put himself in harms way to assist the two citizens and defend them from the suspect. Additionally, Officer Garcia prevented the suspect from driving a vehicle and further escalating the already extremely hazardous situation. Due to Officer Garcia’s initial actions, assistance quickly arrived and it took seven additional officers to gain control of the suspect who at the time was out of control on PCP. As a result of Officer Garcia’s actions, no officers were injured and the citizens he protected from further harm only sustained minor injuries and were treated.

Officer Garcia is a tribute to the Houston Police Department and epitomizes the mission statement through his principles, professionalism, and improving the quality of life in the city of Houston. This officer is a valuable asset and a tribute to the Houston Police Department.