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Officers in Action

Officer P. Sandoval

Recently, off-duty Officer P. Sandoval was working a part-time security job at Vista Bank Ranch when two armed men tried to hold up the bank. Officer Sandoval, who was wearing his HPD uniform, noticed the armed suspects and attempted to foil the robbery.

A shootout occurred with several shots fired. The suspects attempted to make their get away by running outside. One of the robbers got into a waiting car and drove away, while the other robber was captured in the parking lot and arrested.

The robbers did not get away with any money, and no one was hurt other than Officer Sandoval who was treated after receiving a small cut on his head from broken glass.

This arrest is an excellent example of dedication and valor leading to a successful conclusion without incident. Because of the effort and bravery of this officer, the city of Houston is a better and safer place to live and work. His professionalism, keen instincts and innate skills enabled him to stop a robbery in progress, capture one of the suspects and stopped these suspects from injuring or possibly killing an innocent victim. We are proud to recognize the contributions of Officer Sandoval.