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Sergeant Guzman

Last month, there was an activation of an HPD Auto Theft Division BAIT vehicle. (A BAIT vehicle is any vehicle equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking system and internal video system that activates when the vehicle is tampered with and/or stolen. You can see a car like this in action on a cable television show called “Bait Car.”)

When patrol officers arrived at scene of the BAIT vehicle, all but one of the suspects had run away, however one was captured. Patrol officers also found another vehicle parked nearby which had been taken in an aggravated robbery. Sergeant M. Murnane and Officer T. Carr of the Auto Theft Division began a follow-up investigation. Upon viewing the videotape from the BAIT vehicle, one suspect was observed opening the passenger door and going through the center console. A short time later a second suspect was observed opening the driver’s door and entering the BAIT vehicle while holding a pistol. This suspect stole the BAIT vehicle. Patrol was able to secure an arrest on the suspect who was seen going through the center console of the vehicle while the suspect who was driving the BAIT vehicle managed to evade arrest.

Believing these suspects were also involved in the taking of the other vehicle at gunpoint, Sergeant Murnane contacted Robbery Division and advised Sergeant A. Guzman of the details.

Sergeant Guzman interviewed the arrested suspect and was able to obtain a confession from him in which the suspect admitted involvement in the aggravated robbery case. As the investigation progressed, suspects were positively identified as being involved in both crimes. Subsequently, they were both charged with aggravated robbery.

Sergeant Guzman’s superior interview and investigative skills were shown throughout this investigation. Through the quick actions of these criminal investigators two very dangerous suspects will now face felony charges.

Bait Vehicle