Super Neighborhoods


Super Neighborhoods


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A super neighborhood is a geographically designated area where residents, civic organizations, institutions and businesses work together to identify, plan, and set priorities to address the needs and concerns of their community. The boundaries of each super neighborhood rely on major physical features (bayous, freeways, etc.) to group together contiguous communities that share common physical characteristics, identity or infrastructure.

The super neighborhood elects a council comprised of area residents and stakeholders that serves as a forum to discuss issues and identify and implement priority projects for the area.



Super Neighborhoods AllianceBylaws


Department of Neighborhoods


The Department of Neighborhoods (DON) is an entity dedicated to improving quality of life in our neighborhoods through expanded outreach, stronger community partnerships and improved government responsiveness.


This constituent-based service concept creates a “one-stop shop” for accessing City services and resolving neighborhood issues.



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Civic Associations


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Civic organizations are networks of community members brought together by a common goal to enhance the well being and welfare of their community. Civic organization members set goals, organize meetings, implement plans of action and promote events that directly benefit their respective neighborhoods.


Examples of civic organizations are tenant associations, neighborhood development organizations, block associations, etc.



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Recognized Super Neighborhoods


Neighborhood planners assist interested stakeholders in forming a Super Neighborhood Council. Once a council successfully completes all the preliminary steps, which include gathering diverse stakeholder representation, creating an organizational structure and drafting by-laws they are recognized by the Mayor. In some cases, Super Neighborhoods (SN) collaborate to form one joint council.



Super Neighborhoods Guidelines



Super neighborhoods were created to encourage residents of neighboring communities to work together to identify, prioritize and address the needs and concerns of the broader community. This creates a manageable framework for community action and allows the city to provide services more efficiently.